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Comic Book Collections

One of my favourite hobbies is the collection of used and new comic books. I possess over fifteen hundred and fifty comic books that include first printings, autographed copies and graphic novels. Almost all of my collection is super heroes. Why do people collect comic books?

As with most young boys, comic books fascinated me. Adventures to strange planets, odd beings bent on destroying earth just because they can, and the super heroes who must stop the perpetrators. If you take all the elements needed to draft a story, shake and toss the ideas around, brainstorm and throw in a little drama, then you got a good story.


How to Properly Care for Sci-Fi Collectables

Are you interested in starting your own sci-fi collection? Or, have you just started doing so? If so, you are urged to take the time to examine proper care and storage. While a large number of sci-fi collectible items, including model kits and figurines, have the potential to increase in value, that final value will be impacted by the care received.

Before focusing on ways that collectors, such as yourself, can properly care for and store sci-fi collectibles, it is first important to touch on goals. Many science fiction collectors have a number of different reasons and purposes for starting a collection. These purposes may include a love or fan following of sci-fi movies, books, and television shows. On the other hand, there are many sci-fi collectors who are referred to as investors. These collectors invest in science fiction collectibles with the hopes of later reselling them for a profit. What type of sci-fi collector are you?


How to Find Sci-Fi Collectibles Available For Sale

Sci-fi collecting is a hobby that is enjoyed by individuals of all ages, as well as a hobby that is enjoyed by individuals all around the world. Science fiction collectors are individuals who specialize in the collecting of science fiction merchandise. While many sci-fi collectors focus most of their attention on sci-fi figurines and other models, there are many other sci-fi themed items available for sales. Depending your collecting goals, these items may be of great interest to you.