Hockey Products collectibles

Were you ever one of those who were inspired by the awesome success of the underdogs in the Mighty Ducks movie? Remember the famed flying V move that helped the team win the game? Remember how Charlie and his teammates came out as victors because of the sheer grit and determination they displayed during training so they could be recognized as the best despite being known as no good at first?

That movie and even its sequel got a lot of people hooked to the hockey game not only in countries where there are hockey rinks, but even in those where the sun is too hot no artificial ice rink could ever last long. Because of the attention that hockey is now getting, it is not hard to imagine that there are lots of hockey fans out there who might want some collectibles that would remind them of their favourite team or even their favourite player.

Luckily, they really need not look that hard because there are a lot of hockey collector’s items out in the market that one could buy either to add to a collection or to give as a gift.

Even the real Anaheim Mighty Ducks team have their own share of the stuff that you could get for your own. There is the Anaheim Mighty Ducks game hero sports CD where you could be the hero of your own hockey game and experience the thrill and exhilaration of the cheers that greet a win for $19.95 and a customized locker room black framed photo that is also available for $74.95. You could have your name digitally put on the jersey alongside 3 team stars in the photo. It is just like rubbing shoulders with your favourite hockey stars. These items under the Mighty Ducks team are almost always also available for other hockey teams.

But, of course, there are also other collectible items that you might like to have such as a wool pennant to get the feel of a team’s winning streak. The pennant, which is made of genuine wool with detailed embroidery and vibrantly coloured felt applique, is sold at $34.95. If you want something bigger to remember that victory by, you could also get a genuine wool banner for $69.95.

There are also limited edition artist prints of hockey rinks or of facades of game arenas that are sold for over a hundred dollars. You could also get a photo-mint of your favourite hockey player in action sold at more than 50 dollars.

If you are one of those who would want to preserve your ticket of a best remembered hockey game, there are also ticket frames of your favourite teams you could buy at $129.99 for the junior size and $169.99 for the regular size. You could hang the frame on the memorabilia wall of your room or office. Just imagine the amazing stories you could dish out to your friends while gazing fondly at that well-loved ticket.

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