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1967 Toronado

The Front Wheel drive Toronado featured a new grille for 1967, and flush fitting headlights.
Deft touch is door-assist spring to reduce effort of opening.
Some minor changes is suspension produced a smother, improved ride.
1967 Toroado


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1961 Oldsmobile

61 Oldsmobile 1

In 1961 Oldsmobile offered the three series of cars; Dynamic 88, Super 88 and the 98. The first two series came on a 123-inch-wheelbase with an overall length of 212 inches. The major difference between the two were interior trim and engine.

61 Oldsmobile3


The Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 had a 250-horsepower version of the 394-cubic-inch engine, while the Super 88 version was rated at 325-HPthanks to higher compression ratio and a four-barrel carburetor. Syncromesh manual transmission was offered as an option to the standard Hydra-matic on the 88’s.

61 Oldsmobile

The Oldsmobile 98 was only available with the 325 HP engine and Hydra-matic automatic transmission. The 98 came with a wheelbase of 126 inches and was over all six inches longer than the 88, most of the extra length was added to the passenger compartment.



61 Oldsmobile 2All 61 Pontiac’s were 3 1/2 inches narrower and 3 to 5 1/2 inches shorter than previous years.

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1961 Oldsmobile

1961 Oldsmobile
1961 Oldsmobile

Except for the big 394 cubic-inch engine and the rear axle the Oldsmobile was virtually a new car for 1961, the box frame was widened, new bodies were created and they made a new lighter version of the Hydra-matic transmission. Horsepower was increased from 240 to 250 on the Dynamic 88, and from 315 to 325 on the Super 88 and 98 models. The changes made for a roomier interior starting in 1961.


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