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One of my favourite hobbies is the collection of used and new [eafl id=”7962″ name=”comic” text=”comic books.”] I possess over fifteen hundred and fifty comic books that include first printings, autographed copies and graphic novels. Almost all of my collection is super heroes. Why do people collect comic books?

As with most young boys, comic books fascinated me. Adventures to strange planets, odd beings bent on destroying earth just because they can, and the super heroes who must stop the perpetrators. If you take all the elements needed to draft a story, shake and toss the ideas around, brainstorm and throw in a little drama, then you got a good story.

I had comic books growing up but never realized the potential market for it. On occasion I find a comic book that I specifically remember reading as a child and look at how much it is worth today. I am amazed and a little mad that I did not keep them. My current [eafl id=”7962″ name=”comic” text=”comic book “]collection commenced in the mid-1980’s when comic books were only seventy-five cents. I was living at home and paid little rent. I happened to notice a [eafl id=”7962″ name=”comic” text=”comic book”] store not far from where I had worked. I walked in and entered another world. The best part was the comics that were reduced in price. I would get bags full and read with delight into the wee hours of the morning. Other times I found autographed copies from the artists or writers and would buy those. When Batman and The Dark Knight series came out I managed to get all four first printings. Unfortunately they were stolen, along with some other valuable merchandise.

My comic book collection contains a great deal of graphic novels. I enjoy both the comic book and the graphic novel. Oftentimes I come across people who collect comic books and they try to explain to me that they do not read them; they retain it for the potential value. While I do not engage in that practice, if you believe the comic books you buy will be worth something, then by all means do it. I know some of my comic books are worth money but that is not a consideration when I buy them. If I want to read a particular comic book, and it is worth money, I will read it anyway. It may deflate the price, but to reiterate, that is not why I buy them.

A great many people buy covers for their [eafl id=”7962″ name=”comic” text=”comic book”]s. That is a very good idea. However, you want to make sure the bags are acid free or it will affect the look of your comic books. Storing them in a dry, cool place is preferred. Boxes that are equal in size to the comic book are a good idea since they bend very easily.

People collect comic books for various reasons and it is good to know how to take care of them. The possibility of [eafl id=”7962″ name=”comic” text=”comic books”] rising in value is hard to predict, yet it can be done. It takes a bit of research and some luck but the risk is worth it to many people. I collect comic books because I love to read them and determine how the hero will eventually catch the criminal. Whatever the reason, comic books are a staple in our society.

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