Las Vegas Offers Sports Memorabilia

Sports lovers can be sure to find items of interest in the ever-popular Vegas! A partial list to get you started include: Numis Gems, The Upper Deck Store, Field of Dreams, Gallery of Legends, Baseball Cards of Las Vegas, Hall of Fame Sports Cards, Casey’s Sports Cards, Sports Card Mania, Sports N More, A Al’s Stars, Fans Hangout, Woody’s World, Starslive 365, Baseball Card Heaven, and K & B Sportcards.

Tired of shopping and need a break? Try renting a dune buggy for some fun before heading back to the shops to finish your search for that special sports item. There is a place called Sun Buggie Fun that rents for around $90 an hour.

When you’re done having fun in the sun, head for the wonderful restaurants that flaunt their famous sports memorabilia for all to enjoy. If you want something besides the run-of-the-mill sports items, remember that fishing is a sport as well. You can enjoy the collections of this type memorabilia in the Silverton Casino or the Village Sea Food Buffet. Don’t forget the fishing shop that has gained in popularity in just the last few years, Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World. It isn’t just your usual fishing supply store. It has a museum-like atmosphere and an indoor aquarium for the enjoyment of both you and your children.

Are you interested in wrestling memorabilia? Caesar’s Palace Colosseum has held several wrestling events. It has also been a place for boxing, car races, and Robbie Knievel. Wrestling even undertook pay-per-view events at Caesar’s Palace in 2006.
Are you looking for sports memorabilia in the form of comic books? There is no shortage of comic book collections in Las Vegas! A short list of stores include: Kool News, Maxstuf Comics, Velvet Underground, Alternate Reality, Dark Tower Comics, Dreamwell Comics, Black Thorne Hobbies, Heroes Playground, I Buy Comics, Bronze Tablet, Comic Oasis, and the Silver Cactus Comics.

You can find memorabilia for the sport of racing at Race Rock Cafe. Or Nascar Cafe.

Remember to watch out for forged memorabilia. As wonderful as Las Vegas can be, there are also those who prey upon the unsuspecting collector. One store owner was fined $25,000, a $100 assessment fee, 6 months custody, four months in a half-way house, 200 hours community service, and is under a 2 year supervised release. He was barred from the business of sports and celebrity memorabilia and has to pay restitution to the victims of his crime.

One places of business that reached fame in Las Vegas was the Official All Star Cafe, which was owned by six famous sports figures. These were Shaq, Agassi, Montana, Seles, Woods, and Gretsky.

Maybe you would like to visit the Harley Davidson Cafe. They have plenty of motorcycle memorabilia. They feature specialty bikes found only in this cafe. There is a huge 28 foot high, 15,000 pound Harley replica coming out of the building front as advertisement you just can’t miss.

Besides all this, Las Vegas is known for its casinos and plenty of sports memorabilia can be seen on display there as well.

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